Pastor Perry Clark

Elder Perry Clark was born to Mr. George and Hattie Clark of Huntsville, Alabama.  He has two brothers, Gary and Michael Anthony Clark. He received his education at Lakewood Elementary School, Davis Hills Middle School and graduated from  Johnson High School.  He completed undergraduate studies at Jacksonville State University and received a B.S. degree in Criminal Studies.  In 1994, he received the Master of Science degree in Personnel Psychology from Alabama A&M University.

Pastor Clark was baptized at an early age and became a member of St. Bartley P. B. Church under the pastorate of the late Elder Dr. William T. Gladys.  He was licensed by the Indian Creek P. B. Association in 1989.  He became an ordained minister of Indian Creek Association.  In 1997, under  the pastorate of Elder Dr. Joe Pendleton, Elder Clark was named Interim Pastor and later Assistant Pastor in 1998.  In June 2001, he was voted Pastor Elect and was officially installed as pastor in October 2001.

Under his leadership, the church has grown tremendously through ministry and outreach as he continues to lead God’s people.


Associate Ministers

Elder Stewart 1

             Elder Stacy Stewart

Minister Garner

                Minister Victor Garner