Inspirational Thought
Suffering itself is bad whether it is brought about by a physical condition or injury, by a sudden loss, or an ongoing situation—but what adds to our agony is our pursuit to discover some meaning in it.  When our suffering seems random or senseless, and we can’t come up with anything good to point to that has come out of it, the if-onlys are relentless.  We don’t want our suffering to be for nothing.
We can continue stewing in our chaotic thoughts and unanswered questions, or we can allow the perspective of the Scriptures to begin to shape our perspective.  We can allow the truth of the Scriptures to correct our faulty assumptions about the good that God has promised to work all things together for. 
We can allow the hope of the Scriptures to diffuse our despair. When God’s power and strength reign in your weakness, you show the world, and you assure yourself, that you have hope beyond your present sufferings.  You have opportunities that you would not otherwise have had to show the sufficiency of knowing Christ for your joy, and to share the salvation of Christ with those around you.
                                                                                                                                                                  –Hope When It Hurts